Adobe Edge Animate

Remember when Flash-based websites were all the rage? Let’s admit it, some were extraordinarily well done. Others felt like an exercise in excess. Either way, it was truly cool to have the level of control that a platform of that sort allowed.

With the proliferation and rise of mobile devices, however, Flash seems to be in its waning days as a primary web development platform. It’s still a cool tool for things like interactive games and such, but when you develop an interface that will simply not work on the majority of devices folks use to access the web – well, it kind of defeats the purpose.

Still, there are web sites that cry for that extra something – the interactivity and multimedia ritz and glitz we used to have with Flash, but updated and cooperative with more modern technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and javascript.

Certainly, one could simply master those three languages. There is a lot to be said for doing so, and you will possess some seriously in-demand skills. In the meantime, though, consider Adobe Edge Animate. No, Adobe did not pay me to say that, and I certainly do not work for them. In fact, if you know of any alternatives that accomplish the same tasks, (besides the obvious – you know – learn the languages involved and hand code custom solutions yourself) I would love to hear about them!

If you are familiar with other timeline-related tools by Adobe (animated GIF tools in Photoshop, Premier), then Edge Animate will be super simple to implement. In addition to the ability to create a timeline and attach actions to portions of the timeline, you can also change almost any characteristic you might change via CSS, embed web fonts and create symbols for reuse in other projects.

Can it do everything? Not natively. Personally, I was disappointed to see that you could not create a bulleted list using the HTML tags for such. However, this is not a catastrophic deficit and I can continue working on my project without that capacity. Others more familiar with the workings of Flash are saddened by the loss of vector tools, although importing SVG images might be a workable solution, and one that is more standards-compliant as well.

Here are some resources to get you up to speed.

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