Chrome Emulator FTW

I found myself wondering recently how best to get some sort of device emulation that didn’t cost $20 a month, and allowed you to really work with your code efficiently. I discovered that Chrome actually has a built-in emulator tool.

To access the tool, go to your Developer Tools. I usually get there by clicking on the F12 key on my keyboard. However, you can also find it by going to your menu ->Tools -> Developer Tools.

Show Drawer Button

<–Click on the first icon located on the right hand side of the dev tools workspace. ¬†An additional workspace will open up below the standard developer one. Click on the Emulation tab, choose the device you want to use, then click on the Emulate button. You may need to refresh your page to get the proper view.

I would love to hear if anyone has ever had an issue with the emulator being way off base – it’s been available since at least February, so ample time for bugs to be discovered!