The Value of Getting Away

My family and I recently traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Dragon*Con. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this force of nature, I invite you to initiate yourself by visiting this Flickr Gallery.

All better? So. What is the value of taking time off and doing something so insane as immersing oneself in a sea of tens of thousands of mega-nerds?

Let’s begin with the level of creativity on display. Cosplay is a fascinating pastime. There are those who spend months working on every minute detail of their costumes, duplicating every single detail of a character’s appearance with the skill, precision and obsession typically only seen in…well, web designers. There are also those who quickly put something together out of cardboard and duct tape. These folks are no less accomplished – walking about downtown Atlanta in their garb, proud of their efforts and often just as recognizable in their attempts. There are also those who walk a fine line somewhere in the middle. Their costumes are made of makeshift materials, but there is still detail and precision. So many different levels, all valid and beautiful and indicative of far more than the arts and crafts skills of the bearer.

In addition, the inspiration drawn from attending such a spectacle is legendary. There are stories of people inspired to begin exercising, to pick up sewing (me!), to decide to not care what anyone has to say about how little they resemble a particular fictional being – and that is liberating.

While it took a little time to get back to Earth, I am indeed back. Vigor renewed, creativity stoked, I have leveled up and am ready to get in the swing of things.

How do you unwind?